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The Number Hole
-A Novel-Latte


The Number Hole, a poor man’s equalizer. How do you cut through the systemic unfair advantages, closed doors and institutionalized economic strife set by the rules of racism, sexism and classism? Hit it big, playing the numbers at a Number Hole near you.
   Max is the diligent lookout man for the Number Hole situated in a basement makeshift apartment of a worn out tenement building, a fixture in this bustling neighborhood. The place is Harlem, New York. The time is the historic-filled era of the 1960s—and the Numbers game is the pre-cursor to the Lottery with its little white balls bouncing around in a glass cage.
   While gossip, egging each other on for fun and checking in on one another’s lives is the second game for sport for these neighbors, uncovering clues about Max is a side obsession. No one really knows anything about Max’s private life. Clearly, he’s the secret agent of his world, everyone knows that. They also know that he’s warm and friendly to all of the colorful characters who show up, daily, to place their hopeful bets; and he’s deadly to anyone who threatens the Numbers operation. And on the fateful day in question, Max exits their lives as unexpectedly as he entered.
   That sunny spring day began much like the rest, but soon a strange vibe moved throughout. Several residents, due to a variety of circumstances, have come to the conclusion that 511 is the number to play. Yes, today’s the day where dreams will come true, so let it ride!
   Grace’s dead husband whispered the number in her ear. A young mother’s husband had a vision that made it plain, and Mr. Henry’s dominoes fell in mysterious order, right in the middle of a game.
   However, whatever this vibe is that seems to roam free throughout the heart of this community; set in store is a definite spiritual game changer—perhaps it’s an equalizer beyond measure.


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