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Praise for Books and Workshops

The Word is Out! Here's just a sampling of what folks are saying:

God in Wingtip Shoes, a novel

Above and Beyond

   I called last week and left a voicemail after I read God in Wingtip Shoes.  The book was AWESOME!  I can't wait for part 2 (you really left me hanging on a string!) I went back to The Prison Plumb Line just to get mo' "Medley". (That book was great too!)   Your gift is such a wonderful and inspiring one. There is no doubt in my mind that God will carry you above and beyond places you can't even imagine!

 —Sheyenne Fullen –P.G. County, Maryland


A Buttercream Fan

     We met at Ft. Belvoir, Va. on 5/12.You referenced me as buttercream like the character in your book. I wanted to say that I am glad you talked me into purchasing it. I have gotten away from reading for years due to the stress on my job (Social Work). I have only gotten to page 4 and love your book. Will be in touch soon.


 —Faye Bennett, Northern Virginia


Taking a Stand, May, 2012

     Thank you so much. I have read your book quickly. The best compliment is this: I could not wait to see how it ended and hoped the story would keep on going. It was both incredible and heartbreaking. It seemed to me that what followed the horrible lynching set in motion all the actions which followed. The whole book can be traced back to that incident which made this a very painful book for me.

     I went through the Civil Rights Movement and can remember the day The Washington Post printed the news that segregation was legally over. A picture of the march in Mobile, Alabama was on the front page. I remember hugging the paper and saying, ‘thank God, these horrible atrocities will stop.’ Little did I know it was just the beginning of the needed change, and it is not finished. When a black family moved next store to me in Hillcrest Heights [Maryland] and [the neighbors] threatened to burn a cross in their backyard, I, and another neighbor, took a stand. We told our neighbors, ‘if anyone of you do anything to harm this family, we will call the police; and we will sell our homes to the next black couple who wants to move in. They backed off. Those were among the best neighbors we have ever had. That is only one of many times I have spoken out and taken a stand.

     Your book was more than just a story, which is why it is such a good book. You are an excellent writer and a strong courageous woman.

   Martha Lane, La Plata, Maryland



     Are you working on a second book for God in Wingtip Shoes.  This book was cliff hanger!

 —Queen Reeves, Savannah, Georgia


Book Discussions Abound

     Before my husband's deployment, he (Christopher Glover) met you and bought your book for me at the Ft. Belvoir PX. 

     I just finished your book God in Wingtip Shoes and really liked it! I enjoyed it so much, it is the selection for the restart of my book club, Book Appeal, in September. It is scheduled to be in my home and I would like to invite you to be our special guest. 

 —Yvonne Glover, Northern Virginia


No Sleep for the Reading

     I’m going to get you, Yvonne. I’ve got a long day tomorrow, but I can’t put this bood down to go to sleep! So vivid, such good (but heart wrenching) historical detail, such a good story! Awesome, But ugh! I gotta go to sleep!

 —Tanyika Nikki Lewis, Baltimore, Maryland


Christian Sizzle Review

     Your writing style is intriguing and thought-provoking. Your writing crosses over into many genres within the story. That's a real plus. It's intertwined with suspense and mystery; woven with lots of romance and seasoned with a little erotica. Several characters in the book, although they are fictional; in actuality I could literally put real names to them become of the compelling story line of trying to gain fame, success and power at any cost.

     Overall, God in Wingtip Shoes was a great read that ignited many emotions. The ending was definitely unpredictable; but I did not expect a cliff hanger either. So you've got me hooked; I am waiting for the sequel." God in Wingtip Shoes would make an excellent read for book clubs too.

 —Claudia Newby Tynes of Clinton, Maryland


A Fan from Down Under

     Yay!!!! I got my copy!!! Can't wait to start reading it... I was so proud to see your name on the cover :):):) and so excited to see MY name in the book :):):) Luv u xxoxx

—Katerina Ilioglou, New South Wales, Australia



Great Read

     I really enjoyed reading God in Wingtip Shoes and I can't wait to find out what happens in the follow up book. The characters were well developed and you couldn't help but go through the emotional rollercoaster with them.

   Super Mom, Charles County, Maryland



The Prison Plumb Line, a novella 

Spiritual and Mesmerizing

     A very touching story of lessons learned and second chances.
Evie Freeman is like the majority of the women of today...looking for love and validation--in all the wrong places. That is until a "special" bible appeared...complete with scriptures and notes...that helped Evie to have faith in herself and in God. The events that happened from this point on were truly a blessing. Yvonne Medley creates a spiritual story that does not preach to the reader.

 —Cheryl Robinson, Just About Books Radio Talk


An inspiration

     Yvonne Medley gives heart and soul to this work. She takes us into a world that most never see. She offers depth and compassion to people we rarely understand.

 –Karen Bartelt, journalist & editor


Jail...A Place to Find God

     "I loved it! Nourishing, I finished the book in three sittings of hopeful meals for the mind.
 I found God in Jail is boldly presented. There is a strong paradox of humanity versus spirituality. This was the strike of the match of intrigue for me.

The Secret Scribble Bible Society
     The pain disguised as ink scribbled on the pages of the bible display how the transformation of truth can come about in life.

     The secret scribble bible society changed Evie from a woman of pain to a woman of passion. The Prison Plumb Line is a must read for spiritual strength training."
 —Mary Rizzo, author of Glass Pain; How to Transform Pain to Passion... Coming Soon

Let all Roads Lead to God

     I found The Prison Plumb Line to be an inspirational story on so many levels. It’s a microcosmic view of how many people become Christian believers. In that I mean it shows us doing things our own way (and making a mess of it), then getting ourselves into trouble/situations that we ourselves can’t get out of and as result needing God to send people into our lives to show us the way out.

     In this book, the main character became liberated in more than one way. The Author has done a masterful job in both introducing the characters and coloring their personalities in such a way as to draw the reader in and give the reader a 3-D view of the characters flaws, struggles and triumphs. A must read. This is truly an inspirational story.

     I especially liked the way the author introduced you to the characters before the story began……….masterful! I’ve read many books and had not seen that before. It made you want to meet the characters that you had just been introduced to.

     As a Deacon, I read a lot of inspirational material by many authors, but none better than this………great book!

 —Rodney McMillian, Fort Washington Baptist Church, Maryland


The Prison Plumb Line- Watching God at Work 

     I have said in the past that we in the Prison Ministry have a front row seat to watch God at work. In reading the Prison Plumb Line, it now reaches anyone who reads the book. I urge anyone who is interested in Prison Ministry to read this awesome book written by Yvonne Medley.

 —Jim Roberts, editor

 Voice of the Broken & Lost,

A BCC Prison Ministry Publication


Storyteller, Extraordinaire

     I thoroughly enjoyed The Prison Plumb Line.  Yvonne Medley is quite the storyteller! The characters kept me wanting more insight into their past, and hopeful for a bright future for Evie.  Please hurry and send forth your next creation.   

—Walter Bailey

U. S. ARMY, Retired


Quick Read; Impact, Deep and Rich

     The Prison Plumb Line by Yvonne Medley is an amazing book which leaves you wanting more!!!  Once you start reading The Prison Plumb Line, it's very hard to stop.  It's dramatic, gripping, addicting and inspirational.

 —Linda Thompson, Division of Parole and Probation — Parole and Probation Agent/Investigator


Enlightening and Responsible

     This book is enlightening. Being in Law Enforcement for more than 20 years, I can say that this author has done her research.  I’ve done over 250 search warrants, and this story is realistic. The Prison Plumb Line is moving and responsible.

 —Robert Arrington, D.C. Police Officer


Life Journeys Writing Workshops (LJWW)

     The workshop was educational, and certainly motivated me. I hated to see it come to an end.  I had a terrific time at the final Wednesday workshop [Enjoyed the pictures].  Thank you for letting me bring [a friend]. She talked about it all the way home, and I'm hopeful it has inspired her to begin writing.

   —A. Newman

     This Work was awesome in getting my creative juices flowing for my project.

—T. Boston


      Enjoyed the process, reading and critiquing others. The editing was a good experience. The classes moved along well.

Anonymous (comment obtained from Workshop evaluation)


     The sessions are insightful, respectful and informative. Looking forward to further involvement in the group [the Life Journeys Writing Club].

Anonymous (comment obtained from Workshop evaluation)


     You have no idea how many times I've been told that I need to write a book. I've been trying for years to write and never made the time, never knew where to begin my journey. God truly heard my prayers. I thank Him for allowing us to cross paths. I was hesitant at first, but isn't that just like faith? I believed you would be a blessing and an encouragement, and you were exactly what I had hoped. Thank you.

—A. Smith

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