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Life Journeys Writing Workshop

 "The art of writing/storytelling is not only a viable journey to self-expression and publication, but also it's a journey to solidify healthy self-esteem and autonomy. It's a vehicle that can lead to a vibrant state of expectation and preparedness, heading toward an impactful future. Empowerment — often reduced to a pop culture catchword — is just what happens, literally, when one embarks on a writer’s journey ,” said Yvonne J. Medley.

  Take a worthy trip! Book or participate in a Life Journeys Writing Workshop. Explore an array of literary/multimedia avenues, including the trails of fiction, nonfiction/journalism, creative nonfiction/memoir, screenwriting, and journaling/spiritual journaling.  Create and coordinate to realize personal and professional goals — even assess/discuss the effects of mass media/marketing and distorted self-images.

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